Rory O'Neill: "Turns out our industry was utterly disposable" 1 year ago

Rory O'Neill: "Turns out our industry was utterly disposable"

"There's no end in sight for us."

Drag performer and activist Rory O'Neill has admitted that he's struggling a year into the pandemic with no end in sight or reprieve for the entertainment industry. The performer and writer, also known as Panti Bliss, was appearing on the Six O'Clock Show on Virgin Media, when he admitted his frustrations with the fact that the pandemic has been a very different experience for different sections of the population. Ireland's arts and entertainment industry has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic and many establishments, including Panti Bar, have remained shut for almost an entire year.


Tapping into the emotions of many working in the entertainment industry, O'Neill said many performers have "lost everything" and he admitted that he spends most of his days battling with the banks about mortgage repayments. He said, "I'll be brutally honest with you, I'm struggling at this stage."


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Speaking to hosts Muireann O'Connell and Martin King, O'Neill shared his frustration that everything within his industry just ended.


People were quick to show their support in the comment section with many agreeing with the sentiment. One supporter commented, "Every word! Thank you, Rory, for being a flag waver for all of us in the creative/entertainment and hospitality sectors" another added, "absolutely true, all of us in the entertainment and hospitality are on our last leg... the idea that people saved is completely alien."