RSPCA finds home for the oldest cat they've cared for 1 year ago

RSPCA finds home for the oldest cat they've cared for

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The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has finally found a home for Morag, who is believed to be the oldest cat they've ever cared for.


The 21-year-old cat was handed over to the RSPCA in Worcester by her previous owners, and the charity initially worried that they wouldn't be able to find her a forever home due to her age.

Thankfully, after a social media campaign, they were inundated with requests from people looking to offer Morag a place to retire.

Ned Cotton, who manages the Worcester branch, said: "Offers of homes came in from Michigan, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania as well as Australia and Japan.

"We never thought for one moment that her story would take off like it did, but a 21-year-old cat looking for a retirement home to live out the remainder of her days seemed to resonate with people and we were inundated with interest and offers of homes for her."


He added: "We’re delighted that she’s found a wonderful home to call her own and we know she’s going to be thoroughly pampered and much loved there, just as she deserves."

Morag's new family have shared that the cat, who is over 100-years-old in cat years, loves to be "picked up for a cuddle", and she now spends her days "sleeping, mooching about in the garden and upstairs and eating."

The animal welfare charity was recently in the news after they shared that they rescued a tiny Cockapoo puppy, who had been dumped in the woods.


Upon discovery, the puppy was unable to use his back legs, but due to veterinary intervention, he appears to be doing much better.

Commenting on the incident, inspector Andy Eddy said: "It is never acceptable to abandon an animal in this way, particularly one who is sick and vulnerable".