Some of us are using our Leap card all wrong! Here are 4 ways to make sure you're saving 3 years ago

Some of us are using our Leap card all wrong! Here are 4 ways to make sure you're saving

Brought to you by Dublin Bus.

So, apparently, not all of us have been so savvy with using our Leap Card.


Yep, so Dublin Bus have started a campaign, with Shay Given we might add, to highlight the ways in which we can make the very most out of using our Leap Card and save an extra 20 percent on every journey we make.

Our Leap Cards/prepaid cards can be used on Dublin Bus, DART, Bus Éireann and the Luas, plus it's a super practicable. So here's what we should most definitely know:

1. Tell the Bus Driver Where You're Going

No one wants to be over charged, so let the driver know where you're off to and they'll take the correct fare from your Leap Card.


If you know you're travelling 13 stages or longer or if you're using a preloaded ticket, you can use the validator inside the bus on the right hand side. For all other bus services you need to show the driver your Leap Card.

2. Know When To Touch Off

Remember, on the Luas, DART and Commuter you need to touch on at the pole by the railway tracks to board, but don't forget to touch of at the pole at your departure either, which ensures the correct fare is taken from your Leap Card.

3. Leap 90 Discount


When you take two or more buses within a 90 minute window, you'll get back €1 (0.75c for kids). This applies to all Luas journeys that are preceded by a journey on Dublin Bus, Go-Ahead Ireland or DART/Commuter Rail (and vice versa) using TFI Leap travel credit that were commenced within the previous 90 minutes.

(*Leap 90 discount doesn’t apply to Luas – Luas or Dart/Commuter Rail – DART/Commuter Rail as these trips already have specific discount fares.)

4. Know About the Leap Card Caps

If you're an adult that makes multiple bus journeys on a daily basis and these come to a total of over €7, you can travel for free for the rest of the day.


If you reach the weekly cap of €27.50 between Monday and Sunday, then you can potentially travel for free for the rest of the week or weekend up to Sunday night.

For Students, the daily cap is €5 and weekly cap is €20. For children under the age of 19, the daily cap is €2.70 and the weekly cap is €8.50.

(When the cap is reached you should continue to touch on as normal to have a valid ticket.)

Brought to you by Dublin Bus.

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