Summer sun set to end quickly as thundery conditions on the way 1 year ago

Summer sun set to end quickly as thundery conditions on the way

Nice while it lasted.

Just as the Leaving Cert begins to wrap up, so does the Leaving Cert weather that inevitably comes along with it.


For the next two days, the country is set to see high temperatures and sunny spells, with highs of 23 degrees but make the most of it while you can.

Things are set to take a turn for the worst on Friday as a cold front moves in and along with it will come heavy showers that will fall right into the weekend.

The showers will then extend into next week and will see thunder in some areas of the country.

Met Eireann said: “Temperatures will be much lower for Saturday and Sunday also, and Saturday night could see a cold night, but again that low system uncertain means the exact details are unclear yet.


“A lot of uncertainty around the weekend weather with a low system close or over Ireland but as you can see from these 4 images from 4 different weather models there are not in agreement. Cool and showery but how showery is unclear.”

With temperatures reaching 22 degrees today, it will start dull with a few patches of drizzle and mist but will brighten up and become primarily dry as sunny spells develop during the day.

Reaching a whopping 23 degrees, Thursday will be cloudy to start with some patchy light rain and drizzle but will become drier and brighter during the afternoon and evening, with sunny spells emerging.


Friday will see a dull and wet day with outbreaks of showery rain spreading across the country, turning heavy in some parts of the country and temperatures of 19 degrees.

It's a cloudy and breezy day on Saturday with widespread showers, some being heavy and temperatures of 17 degrees.

Sunday is set to see a mix of sunny spells and widespread showers and they will potentially turn heavy and thunder throughout the afternoon, with temperatures of 18 degrees.