Sunny spells and patchy drizzle: The weather forecast isn't the *worst* today 1 year ago

Sunny spells and patchy drizzle: The weather forecast isn't the *worst* today

The past few weeks have been rather awful with harsh cold snaps and buckets of rain.

However, according to Met Éireann, while the rain won't totally cease anytime soon, there will be more sunny spells and temperatures won't dip quite as low - which, we're going to take as a good day.


The weather forecaster said: "Today will be generally rather cloudy with patchy drizzle, the best of any sunny spells will be in the south in the morning. Temperatures in the afternoon will reach between 7 degrees in the north and 11 degrees in the south of the country and winds will be light variable or westerly in direction."

Tonight will be much the same with temperatures dropping to around 3 degrees in some places.

"Tonight patchy drizzle and cloudy conditions will stop temperatures from falling below between 3 and 7 degrees with light variable winds or calm conditions."

The weather for tomorrow and the rest of the week is quite similar with temperatures not dipping below 3 degrees.

"Wednesday, will see little change in the weather with mainly light variable breezes, temperatures between 9 and 11 degrees and dry weather with sunny spells through the afternoon.


"There'll be little change for Thursday and Friday, temperatures of 7 to 9 degrees, light variable or westerly breezes on Thursday becoming light southerly or southwesterly on Friday with a little patchy drizzle at times."