Take That's New Music May Be Released "Within Weeks" 6 years ago

Take That's New Music May Be Released "Within Weeks"

It has been revealed that Take That may well be releasing some brand new music “within weeks”, despite the news that Jason Orange has just left the band.

The trio (yup, there are only three left), are pressing on with plans to release the music despite the sudden departure of Orange.


It was confirmed that Jason would not be featured on the forthcoming record or in any upcoming tours.

Gary, Mark and Howard are believed to be releasing their brand new studio album “within a few weeks” according to reports. The singers are said to have been working on the new material since January of this year.

A source told Metro: “The first songs could be with fans within a few weeks. Fans are backing the boys to stay together.”

It was also revealed though that Jason would be missed, particularly for his attention to detail.

“He was key to the group’s quality control. He’d always speak his mind if he thought something was rubbish.”