Temperatures set to hit the mid teens in Ireland for St Patrick's Day 7 months ago

Temperatures set to hit the mid teens in Ireland for St Patrick's Day

There is a risk of thunderstorms this weekend, however.

Temperatures in Ireland are set to range from 11 to 16 degrees for St Patrick's Day next Wednesday, according to current indications from Met Éireann.


The weather forecaster predicts it will remain mild and dry on the day, with only partly cloudy skies.

However, while drier and milder spring-like weather is on the way next week, conditions will remain cool and breezy over the weekend.

This morning, there will be a mix of sunny spells and heavy blustery showers, bringing the risk of hail or sleet and isolated thunderstorms.

It will then become increasingly cloudy through the afternoon, with bands of more persistent showery rain extending from the west in the evening.

This will quickly clear to showers tonight, though there will be a continued risk of thunderstorms which will be most frequent in the west.

A mix of sunny spells and blustery showers will return on Saturday, again bringing risk of hail and isolated thunderstorms, but they will become lighter by the evening.

Sunday will be mostly cloudy with rain and drizzle extending from the northwest to all areas, turning heavy at times in the northwest.


This showery rain will become confined to the northwest overnight with occasional clear spells developing elsewhere.

Monday will be mild and mostly cloudy with patchy outbreaks of light rain and drizzle.

Temperatures will begin to rise from then, ranging from 10 to 14 degrees, with the best of any sunny spells in Munster and south Leinster.

While Tuesday will begin cloudy, good sunny spells will develop, making for what Met Éireann calls a "very pleasant day for most" as temperatures hit 11 to 16 degrees.

After St Patrick's Day, winds from the northeast will introduce somewhat cooler air towards the end of the week.


That said, it will remain mostly dry and settled, a welcome relief given what we've had to experience in recent days.