Tesco have also introduced priority shopping for elderly customers 2 years ago

Tesco have also introduced priority shopping for elderly customers

A solid move from the retail giant.

Tesco have become the latest supermarket chain to introduce priority shopping for elderly customers.


From Wednesday, March 18, over 65s and family carers will receive dedicated in-store time to ensure that they can avail of necessary products before the general public.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings until 9am will be reserved only for these groups.

"This is a time for help," Tesco said in a statement. "And at Tesco, thousands of our colleagues are working hard to help make sure that our communities have everything they need.

"Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings up to 9am will now be a dedicated time for our senior citizens and family carers to have more space and a helping hand where needed.


"Because now more than ever, every little helps."

The move comes after other supermarket retailers like Lidl and SuperValu decided to designate specific shopping times only for the elderly and other potentially vulnerable people.


While supermarkets and other shops remain open and ready to heed the demand of customers, many restaurants and other social spaces have been forced to close due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Minister for Health Simon Harris asked this week for all pubs and bars to close until at least March 29. 

Schools, colleges, cinemas, and many gyms have also shut as a result of the pandemic.