This New Snapchat Update Will Make Life A Lot Easier 6 years ago

This New Snapchat Update Will Make Life A Lot Easier

Snapchat is one app that almost everyone is using, all day, every day.

It's fast becoming a source of news, too, as many media outlets (including us, use it to keep readers up to date with what's going in the world.


There have always been a few annoying things about it though, and one in particular has rustled peoples' jimmies since the app's inception. That is how hard and tedious it is to find and add new friends by username. Thankfully, this sneaky new update will be particularly handy to those who want to expand their follower base on the app.

According to The Next Web, all you have to do is drag down on the camera view, click 'Add Friends' and then 'share username'.

You'll then get a nifty link you can then add to your other online bios like Twitter or Facebook, and when people tap on it from their phone, you'll be added automatically. Handy.

Oh look what's this? Is it a link to our Snapchat? Methinks it is! Give us an add there go on:


Lead Image via Forbes