Twitter is asking if Leo Varadkar has shrunk and it's GAS 2 years ago

Twitter is asking if Leo Varadkar has shrunk and it's GAS

Viewers noticed something very peculiar in the Taoiseach’s weekly message.

Taking to Twitter to share his weekly update with the Irish people, Leo Varadkar covered a multitude of issues including major updates on Brexit negotiations.

However, viewers were all too distracted by something else to listen to any of what he had to say.

Just back from his trip to the European Council Summit in Brussels, the Taoiseach used the time to assure the Irish people of progress in negotiations.

However, it was the Taoiseach's appearance that sparked questions with many asking whether he had changed in his time away.

Yep, Leo Varadkar looked like he had shrunk in his latest post and once it was said, there was nothing anyone else could see.

The tweets came in thick and fast as Twitter refused to miss the opportunity to make a killer Father Ted reference.

The issue had so many people talking (and laughing) that it’s since become a Twitter moment, with the social media site stating:

“The setting made Leo Varadkar look a little smaller than usual.”

We're an easily entertained bunch.