Twitter Is Considering A 10,000 Character Limit For Tweets 5 years ago

Twitter Is Considering A 10,000 Character Limit For Tweets

Twitter is at its heart, a micro-blogging site where users post short messages. The shortness of the tweets due to the 140 character limitation, is one of the site's most-loved characteristics.

Tweets are characteristically short and sweet, but this could be all about to change according to tech website Re/Code who have reported that head honchos at the company are considering introducing a 10,000 character limit per tweet.


It seems that the site is being bold and making new changes in an effort to curb lagging user growth over the last few months, and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted an explanation as to why they might introduce the option for longer tweets: 'We’ve spent a lot of time observing what people are doing on Twitter, and we see them taking screenshots of text and tweeting it. Instead, what if that text … was actually text? Text that could be searched. Text that could be highlighted. That’s more utility and power.'

It seems though that not everyone is too happy with the prospective change, and people have naturally taken to Twitter to voice their concerns.



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