Twitter responded perfectly to Trump's 'dress like a woman' rule for women 4 years ago

Twitter responded perfectly to Trump's 'dress like a woman' rule for women

What does it mean to dress like a woman, exactly?

Donald Trump has done and said some shocking things in the past couples of months.


And while there is a lot to be extremely concerned, upset and hurt over, one thing we can have fun with is his 'dress like a woman' code.

It's probably no surprise that there is a specific dress code for the White House. And while most presidents probably enforced the smart dress rule, Trump has gone a little further (or more vague, depending on how you look at it).

Axios reported that male employees 'need to have a certain look', with a source claiming the President is very particular about the ties the men wear.

“You’re always supposed to wear a tie. If it’s not a Trump tie, you can get away with Brooks Brothers. But I’d suggest Armani.”

Women on the other hand, are told "to dress like women,'' adding that there is a pressure for them to wear dresses.

Of course, the trouble with this statement is that women don't necessarily dress a certain way any more than men dress 'like men'.

This is when Twitter begged the question, what does it mean to dress 'like a woman'? and so, the Hashtag #Dresslikeawoman was born, with incredible results.




Which is your favourite 'womanly' look? We personally couldn't choose.