Vicky Phelan vows to never miss another child's birthday again 1 month ago

Vicky Phelan vows to never miss another child's birthday again

Happy birthday!

Vicky Phelan has given a heartwarming update on her Instagram for her daughter's birthday, but has vowed never to miss it again.


While she undergoes cancer treatment in the US, the mother of two was forced to miss out on celebrating her eldest's 16th birthday.

Promising her daughter Amelia that this would be the last time she would be away for the special occasion, Vicky shared some sweet words for the teenager.

She wrote: "Today, August 30, 2021 marks the 16th birthday of my first born, my daughter, Amelia. She won't actually be 16 until 17.50 today so I'm a little early with the post but hey who's counting the hours!


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"These are some of my favourite photos of Amelia and I and some from yesterday when my parents and my sister and nephew travelled to Limerick to celebrate Amelia's birthday with her and, of course, to sing Happy Birthday and let her open her presents.

"Like with Darragh's birthday in February, this is the first of Amelia's birthdays that I have not been at home for. It hurts, I won't miss another birthday because of treatment. That is something that I am no longer willing to sacrifice. These moments and occasions are too precious.


"So, Amelia, I wish you the happiest of 16th birthdays. You can fleece me for whatever you want when I come home. I love you more than I thought it was possible to love another human being. I am so proud of you and the woman you are becoming."

Last week, Vicky revealed that she is rethinking another round of clinical trials as it means she'll be away from her children for another six months.

She said in a video message that her "gut" is telling her to take a step back from the trial as she received better than expected results after her latest scans.