VIDEO: Do You Believe In Ghosts? You Might Now… 9 years ago

VIDEO: Do You Believe In Ghosts? You Might Now…

Ghost stories might be reserved for when your older brother was babysitting, but whether you’re a skeptic or believe in after-life, this video might be enough to make you take a double look.

CCTV footage from a theatre in Essex has been released, which appears to show a chair moving all on its own, just a few hours after a psychic medium took to the stage.


Looking back at the security cameras at the Brookside Theatre in Romford on Sunday morning, theatre manager Jai Sepple told the local paper he decided to look back on the CCTV footage when he noticed one of the chairs had been moved out of place.

It was then he spotted the twilight activity in the main theatre.

Speaking to the Romford Recorder, Roy Roberts who was the medium performing on the Saturday night, said:

“It’s phenomenal. I’ve never been so excited about the possibility of ghosts before. This is the best footage I’ve ever seen of ghosts in action.


“When I was doing the reading, I did feel a strong sense but just didn’t know what it was. This is unbelievable.”

We’ll let you make up your mind for yourself. Although we may scratch Romford off our places to visit.

Video via Harri Sepple