Woman sends out urgent reminder ahead of shopping in Smyths this Christmas 6 months ago

Woman sends out urgent reminder ahead of shopping in Smyths this Christmas

Our worst fear.

Christmas is here and as many parents start doing their present shopping now to avoid disappointment, there is one thing we all need to keep in mind.


While Christmas shopping and getting all the little surprises ready can stressful, we really don't need any more added stress to it.

One parent has sent out an urgent message for all parents ahead of their big shop, reminding them of something really important when it comes to buying from Smyths Toys.

Taking to Twitter, she said: "This is your seasonal reminder that Smyths plastic bags are still SEE THROUGH".


Sharing a message from last year, she said: "Warning to anyone using the click and collect service from Smyths – they put everything in a clear bag. I repeat, the bag is CLEAR".

Other parents have joined her in sharing some of their extremely close calls when it comes to these clear bags, while others revealed they didn't get so lucky.

One said: "a colleague here has Amazon Alexa which announced 'your package will be delivered in 30 minutes'… to which the kids responded 'Alexa, what's in the package?' and were duly told."


Someone then replied, giving us some much needed advice: "You probably know this, but you can set Alexa to be more discreet about those things."

Parents have also shared their stories of packages being delivered in packaging with logos on it, or with no packaging at all.


One person said: "I've had Smyths toys delivered with no box, just address sticker slapped on them – would have been disastrous if the kids had seen".

This is too much to handle already.