Work from home advice set to be reintroduced on Friday 2 weeks ago

Work from home advice set to be reintroduced on Friday

Here we go again.

Work from home advice is set to be re-introduced from Friday as Covid cases continue to surge.


Taking effect on Friday, November 19, people will be encouraged to work from home again where possible.

This comes just a few weeks after many employers commenced back to work schemes as Ireland reopened its economy fully.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin is due to give a formal address concerning these updated measures later on today. He will also discuss the change in opening hours for the hospitality sector and the expanded use of the Covid pass.

Cabinet agreed earlier today that nightclubs, bars, and restaurants would be forced to close at midnight from Thursday, November 18.

A previous curfew of 11.30pm placed on the hospitality sector was lifted on 22 October and regular opening hours returned.


The Cabinet has also reportedly said that Covid certs will be required for cinemas and theatres, but not gyms or hairdressers as previously expected. 

Ministers are meeting today to consider the stricter enforcement of Digital Covid Certificates, as well as the introduction of cheaper and more wide spread antigen tests, and the expansion of the booster shot roll-out.

Rolling News / Julian Behal

“The overall objective is to prevent people getting very sick, going into hospitals, ICUs. We simply have to limit the increase we are experiencing at the moment,” Taoiseach Martin said today.


He added that the situation demands “fairly quick action."

This comes after the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) was further reduced this week.

Those currently receiving €300 on the scheme will have their payments reduced to €250. People receiving €250 will now receive €203, and those receiving less than €203 will receive the jobseekers allowance instead.

The Taoiseach will address the nation later today.