QUIZ: Just how Irish is your Christmas? 1 year ago

QUIZ: Just how Irish is your Christmas?

Brought to you by Club Zero. 

"Aw, a shepherd! Great!"

Christmas may not be an Irish holiday. We have, however, managed to take it and make it very much our own.

It would be hard to imagine what Christmas would be like without all of its Irish elements - getting and receiving the vast majority of your Christmas gifts from Penneys (somehow Mum always seems to find stuff there that you couldn't spot in your shopping sweep), or selection boxes (100 percent crucial to the Christmas ritual), or lighting a candle at the window so Mary and Joseph could find their way to Bethlehem and so Santa could find the house.

Club Zero wants to make our Irish Christmas even more special by holding a few Christmassy competitions with some superb prizes to give away on their Facebook page. Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram stories this Thursday for more info on that too.

Before you try and win a gift from Club Zero, take our little quiz to find out just how Irish your Lá Nollag is.

Brought to you by Club Zero.

Club Zero wants to help get you in the Christmas spirit with some amazing prizes! From fully decking out your gaff for Christmas to taking you Christmas shopping in a chauffeur driven car, they have some whopper prizes to giveaway! To enter visit the Club Orange Facebook page here.