QUIZ: Guess these classic early noughties songs from their lyrics 1 year ago

QUIZ: Guess these classic early noughties songs from their lyrics

Brought to you by Club Orange. 

Anyone ever have a "childhood songs" day?

Yeah. Us too. Actually, we just had one. We were feeling a bit nostalgic so decided to listen to a few old tunes that would bring us back to our youthful years.

We didn't realise QUITE how far back they would bring us though. Turns out a lot of these songs are older than we though. A.K.A. Turns out we are a lot older than we thought. Sigh.

We had a blast listening to these songs but realised that we'd gotten a little rusty on some of the lyrics. There were some songs that we would have been screaming out just a few (okay, quite a few) short years ago that we now found ourselves having to mumble along to some of the lines.

Maybe our memory is just getting bad or perhaps it really has been just so long that our brain has decided we don't need these lyrics anymore (obviously wrong). We thought we'd let you jump in on the fun and fear of getting old, so we made a little lyrics quiz.

How much of a music buff were you in the noughties? And, more importantly, how good is your memory? Time to find out!

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Brought to you by Club Orange.