Want to get active this summer? Here's why golf is the perfect sport for beginners 2 months ago

Want to get active this summer? Here's why golf is the perfect sport for beginners

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Don't think golf is for you? Think again!


If you're looking for a new hobby that helps you meet new people, get outdoors and stay active, golf is an option that ticks all of those boxes. But despite this, a lot of women don't consider the sport when looking for a new hobby to try out.

Despite being a very fun and accessible sport, there are some misconceptions surrounding golf that can stop women from trying it out.

So, with that in mind, we're breaking down some of the common misconceptions surrounding golf and taking a look at some of the reasons why you should give it a go...


1. There are different formats of golf available

Traditionally, golf is played as an 18 hole game over a couple of hours, which can be intimidating for anyone who's new to the sport or unsuitable for those with a busy schedule.

But now, the game is often played over 9 or 6 holes, making the sport so much more adaptable to anyone's routine. By completing the game over 9 holes, it takes half the time but you still get all the handy health and social benefits that come with getting involved with your local golf club.

And if you have a competitive streak, there are shorter competition formats available too. GolfSixes is a format that takes place over 6 holes, where the best shot is chosen each time until reaching the hole. This is a great way to compete at your club in a shorter, more manageable format while you're still getting the hang of the sport.


2. It has loads of health benefits

Did you know that in a 9-hole round of golf, a player will walk 3 to 4 km, reach over 5,000 steps and burn over 450 calories?

These are just some of the amazing health benefits that prove golf can be the perfect for hobby for those looking to get a bit more active. Studies have shown golf provides physical activity at a moderate intensity and has some incredible mental health benefits too, including improvements in stress and anxiety.


Even attending a golf event has its benefits, as golf spectators take 11,500 steps on average at a golf event, walking between 8-10km. So, even if you're only going along to support your new golfing pals, you're sure to feel the benefits!

3. Everyone's welcome

There can be a misconception that golf is a sport only suited to certain groups of people, but this simply isn't the case.

While it can be beneficial for older age groups or those who have recently given up a more strenuous sport, a recent Golf Ireland study showed that 1 in 3 people who took up the sport during the pandemic were under the age of 25. So, it's clear that golf is growing in popularity among every age cohort.


The golfing scene has also made some big strives to become more inclusive. This year will see the first staging of the Irish Open for Golfers with a Disability, opening up the competition side of the sport to a wider audience. Golf Ireland also run the Golf4All programme, which supports clubs and organisations in providing services for golfers with a disability, as well as supporting individuals by ensuring there is a full calendar of events available.

And great progress has been made for women looking to get involved with golf too. Golf Ireland run the Get Into Golf Programme across clubs nationwide, an 8-week beginners course for women looking to try out the sport. More on that HERE.

We recently teamed up with lifestyle influencer Belle Azzure to follow her journey through the Get Into Golf Programme. Check out her latest update below...


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Find out how you can Get into Golf HERE.

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