Personal trainer explains why waist trainers and ab belts don't work 2 years ago

Personal trainer explains why waist trainers and ab belts don't work

I don't know who needs to hear this, but wearing an ab belt won't give you a six pack.

Neither will waist trainers. However, many people still spend their hard-earned money on these products. So the facts still need to be heard.


Personal trainer Jordan Syatt explained in an Instagram post how waist trainers and ab belts don't work.

"Things like waist trainers, sweat wraps, vibrating wraps - all that nonsense - is just f**king nonsense," Syatt said.


"Not because I don't like them but because they literally do not work. None of it will burn fat. The only way to burn fat is to be in a calorie deficit."

Syatt's thoughts are consistent with those of another personal trainer, Carl Elliston. He says social media is partly responsible for the growing use of these products.

Why waist trainers won't work

"Waist trainers and ab belts shot to popularity over the last few years, thanks to social media influencers taking paid sponsorship from many different fitness brands.


"The thing to note is that these influencers are paid thousands to highlight how these products work wonders, without them even having to break a sweat. The reality is that this just is not the case - wearing one of these for an hour will simply not produce the same results as actually having worked out."

"As a trainer I would never advise to use these devices; initially those who have not worked out before (or rarely work out) may claim to see results, but this is purely due to new stimulus.

"These results aren't sustainable without actual physical commitment. Your body needs new stimuli and variety for you to truly see your abs develop. Sticking to just one routine or method will not produce the same 'results' you may see on Instagram."


Sit-ups and crunches get you used to using your own bodyweight as resistance, which has crossover for many other exercises.