10 gorgeous and affordable buys for the perfect winter capsule wardrobe 2 years ago

10 gorgeous and affordable buys for the perfect winter capsule wardrobe

Hello November.

The temperatures have dropped, and I don't know about you, but this past week, I have definitively packed all the lighter clothes to the back of the wardrobe, and started pulling out all my big, cozy jumpers, warm coats and hats and scarves too.


In my frenzy of pulling things out and getting ready for winter dressing, I have also made a mental note of what I actually like wearing during the colder months, what I can get rid off and what I need to stock up on – winter clothes that will see my through not only this winter, but also winters to come too.

Not only because having a great winter capsule wardrobe will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier, but also because it makes sense both finacially (no more stupid, senseless impulse buys) and for the sake of the planet.

Buy less, wear more

Did you know that when it comes to the environment, the fashion industry – especially our collective love affair with mass-produced, cheap fashion – is one of the worst offenders.

More waste, more toxic chemicals  from dyes polluting waterways, more energy and water used – our impulse shopping is not doing our beautiful planet – or our wallets – any favours.

Which is why creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself makes sense on so many levels.


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Want to start building a capsule wardrobe? Here are some great tips to get you started:

1. Take a long, hard look at what you have in your wardrobe already, and (in the spirit of Marie Kondo herself) keep only what you truly love – or what sparks joy, if you will. These are the clothes that will form the backbone of your new, better and more thought-throgh wardrobe, and what you buy going forward is going to be an extension, adding to, this.

2. Make yourself a Pinterest board with looks and styles you love, and make a mental note of items your wardrobe is currently missing that you will need to achieve this. As in, the perfect pair of black pants, a denim jacket, loafers – whatever the items you feel you need to build a good capsule wardrobe are, write them down, and now you are ready to start buidling your perfect wardrobe.

3. Nail your capsule look – and then look for a few fun/different/interesting bits to add, so that you can change your look up, and mix and match your capsule style and change up looks on a whim. Some chunky costume jewellery, sunglasses, a fedora hat, a colourful scarf or jumper, all these will add some colour and personality to your capsule look, and it will ensure that you will not tire of your more edited and compact wardrobe.


And right now, here are my picks for 11 afforadable bits that'll make up the backbone of my winter capsule wardrobe this year – ensuring that I'll stay both warm and chic over the coming months:

1. Printed shirt dress

I'd argue that every wardrobe needs a good printed shirt dress, because this little wardrobe hero will see you through anything from work meetings to brunch dates and can even be worn to all those family gettogethers over the festive season too.

€49.99, Mango


2. Faux fur coat

How cozy is this? And I am all for faux fur all the way – I don't need animals to die or be tortured for the sake of me and my fashion choices.

€99.99, H&M


winter capsule wardrobe

3. Leather suede panel lace-up trainers

Perfect, perfect, perfect, and can go with your midi dress for work, and with jeans or chinos for the weekend.

€70, M&S

4. Cord midi skirt

Love the colour and length of this skirt, and think it will look just as good for work with a white silk blouse as it will for chilled out weekend brunches, paired with a cozy high-neck knit.

€37, Next

5. Fine-knit jumper with lace

Love how pretty this is – perfect to dress up a pair of jeans or chinos.

€34.99, H&M

6. Grey faux fur beanie

The cherry on top for all your winter outfits.

€3, Penneys

7. Daisy navy chino trousers

Another hero buy every wardrobe needs – the perfect pair of chinos. I prefer navy to black, and I think it pairs better with a lot of other colours, and looks less like formal dress pants.

£55, Boden

8. Apartment Tee in navy

The perfect t-shirt to layer under winter knits and cardigans, I am obsessed with Zaggora and their buy less, buy better ethos, and have stocked up on a few of these t-shirts in different colours.

£26, Zaggora

9. Vero Moda oversized knitted cardigan

Literally want I plan on living in for the next five months.

€66.36, Asos

10. Sasha printed jersey dress

Another fun dress to add a little bit of fun and colour to your wardrobe. I love the length and print, and think it will also be perfect for that 'a little bit dressed up, but also totally comfy' look I am all about come Christmas Day.

£80, Boden