3 Penneys playsuits for under €10 that will keep you cool in this dead heat 3 years ago

3 Penneys playsuits for under €10 that will keep you cool in this dead heat

We're extremely happy that the sun isn't going anywhere.

It's been about two weeks (or more) of total sunshine, and while it's hot and sweaty, God knows when we'll get weather like this again.


However, one struggle we all seem to have right now is what to wear. We've gone through all of our shorts, t-shirts, skirts and dresses, and it seems like our whole holiday wardrobe is already in the wash.

So, if you're looking for something handy and affordable that you can just pop on and be ready, then these playsuits are for you.

And with all of them coming in at under a tenner, they definitely won't break the bank either.

The first is super casual and would be perfect for chilling in your house, or just lounging around the beach or park.

And for only €6, we love it:

Navy Stripe Jersey Playsuit

Next is a little more girly. The pink floral design is super cute and would be perfect for a girly day in town or if you're heading to a mate's BBQ.


This one is €8, and I think you'd agree is a total bargain:

Pink Floral Playsuit

And last but not least is another floral design, with birds dotted around it. We're loving the bardot detailing as well.

This comes in at €10 (and we'll probably run straight to Penneys after work to nab one):

Floral Playsuit