3 sure-fire ways to glam up a tracksuit for the real world 4 weeks ago

3 sure-fire ways to glam up a tracksuit for the real world

Lockdown, but make it fashion.

My favourite part of lockdown has been wearing a tracksuit almost every single day and not thinking twice about it. I will definitely miss the days of strolling down to my kitchen table in a tracksuit and slippers or converse.

Before lockdown, most people didn't own a nice two piece but now I think there's at least two in every wardrobe in Ireland.

So instead of letting those looks go to waste when you start venturing out of your gaff why not incorporate them into your post-lockdown wardrobe?

Here's a few tips on how to glam your tracksuit up for the real world.

Wear a blazer

A blazer is the ultimate piece of clothing you need in your wardrobe. If you have worn a blazer before you will know how it can can style up any look. It especially does wonders for jeans and a t-shirt.

If you decide to take your tracksuit on a venture post-lockdown try pairing it with a nice blazer. I once paired my grey tracksuit with a blue velvet blazer and it worked. Well, at least I think it did!

You could even get away with wearing it to work when we're back in the office. Forget casual Friday, march right on in on a Monday in that tracksuit and you will feel great!

Rock some heels 

The best thing about bloggers is they show us how to rock looks we never thought we would. Pairing heels with a tracksuit is one of those things!

Heels and a tracksuit, who would have thought? But it works. So get your tracksuit on and glam it up with a cute pair - even strappy ones work!

I also love a good loafer, so if you have a pair, they also work pretty well.

Mix and match

Wearing a co-ord is always acceptable in my opinion, so post-lockdown why not separate your tracksuit and get more use out of it.

Team the bottoms with a nice white T-shirt or a vest. The top will be right on trend with a pair of bicycle shorts or even jeans.

You can thank us later.