This man ordered Jeans online and what he received is hilarious 4 years ago

This man ordered Jeans online and what he received is hilarious

They're fit for a man on stilts!

Online shopping is one of the best things the happen since the creation of the internet. The one issue with buying clothes online though, is that the items may not look like it did in the picture.


Sometimes the fabric is cheaper, the colour is different and sometimes, they are completely the wrong size.

We we're not sure who these jeans would possibly fit.

Twitter user Dev_Chelios took to the site to post pictures of his recent delivery.

And while you can clearly see that they are long, this picture doesn't even do it justice.

Devlin posted more pictures of the jeans to get a better idea of just how long they really are.


These trousers clearly missed the bit in the factory where they trim and hem the ends to the appropriate size.


While we all know it's incredibly annoying to get something in the post that isn't what you were expecting, we can't help but laugh at just how ridiculous these really are.

What's even crazier is that this isn't the first time this has happened. ASOS have been in the media several times in recent months for sending out extra-long jeans.

Perhaps this is a new style we haven't heard of, but we think we'll stick to our cropped jeans.