ASOS' 'life changing' sock trick is definitely one we'll be stealing this summer 6 months ago

ASOS' 'life changing' sock trick is definitely one we'll be stealing this summer

ASOS have shared a "life changing" trick to turn your regular socks into 'no show' ones - and yeah, we'll definitely be stealing this.

The retailer shared a video on their Instagram page earlier this week, showing a woman turning a pair of normal socks into the 'invisible' ones that can't be seen above your shoes.

And it has gone down an absolute storm with social media users.

"Fashion hack alert. caught out with the wrong socks? Try this," they wrote alongside the post, which has now gotten more than 433,000 views at the time of writing.


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The short clip starts with a woman wearing a pair of neon pink socks, which would be very visible over her silvery metallic loafers.

She goes to pull down the sock as if she were taking it off, stopping when just her toes are covered. She then pulls the other end of the sock under her foot, wrapping it over her heel - and creating an instant pop sock.

We're not too sure this would work with thicker socks, so it's probably best to stick to thinner ones which can be easily folded and would fit inside your shoes.

And ASOS fans were absolutely loving the trick.

"Hol’ up you might of just done something right there," one person wrote.

"mind blown, life changed," someone added.

"What kind of magic is this ????" another person commented.

However, not everyone was convinced that it would work - with a different user writing:

"Great till you take one step and they slide back down into your shoe!"