The bizarre Valentine's lingerie on ASOS has everyone in hysterics 3 years ago

The bizarre Valentine's lingerie on ASOS has everyone in hysterics

Will you be rocking this on Wednesday?

Paint the town red gets a whole new meaning this time of year. Yes, as shop windows are decorated with heart-shaped balloons and red bunting, it's hard to miss that Valentine's is on its way.


Love it, loathe it, or ignore it completely, this Wednesday marks St Valentine's Day and retailers both on the high street and online have their romantic ranges on full display. From the perfect date night outfit to the bouquet of flowers that say 'I love you', there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

However, there is one item in particular that has gathered a lot of attention - and not necessarily for the right reasons.

ASOS have for a long time been one of our favourite retailers, however, they have been known to sell some questionable goods in their time and this lingerie set is the most recent.

Lingerie sales this time of year are at an all-time high, but it doesn't look like customers are fighting to get their hands on this set.

The Valentine's Satin Heart Bra and Thong set has raised quite a few eyebrows, and we can see why. The bizarre-looking lingerie set looks more like something you'd find in a costume shop than a lingerie section.


Needless to say, people have been sharing their thoughts on the set on Twitter and they're very confused.


And it's not just this set that has customers in hysterics, there's another few lurking around the lingerie section that has left customers less than eager to head to the tills.