Boohoo is launching a Bratz range to transport us back to the 2000s 9 months ago

Boohoo is launching a Bratz range to transport us back to the 2000s

This collection is it.

The Y2K aesthetic is here to stay and we're definitely not complaining.


Kids of the noughties hate to love that it's back but the look is about to get a whole lot more nostalgic for us all.

Boohoo always keep us up to date with the trends, but they've done us one better with their latest collection, giving us a serious passion for fashion.

The new Bratz collection is like going into a time machine back to 2002, and we are welcoming it with open arms.

Pair it with your baggiest jeans, pleated skirts, chunkiest shoes or funky flares, this collection is just begging to be the latest addition to your wardrobe.


With t-shirts, cropped jumpers and sizes from a 6-18 and XS-XL, you're bound to find something you'll adore.

Who wouldn't want Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Cloe on a t-shirt, right?

Check out our favourites below:

Bratz License Print Racer Crop Top, €13.20

This simple cropped tank top is the perfect piece to grab from this collection, the logo gives it a vintage feel while sticking with that more modern style.

Bratz License Print Oversized Hoodie, €27

This hoodie is so basic we love it, it just looks so cosy but chic all in one.

Bratz License Print Short Sleeve Crop Top, €15

And to really feel nostalgic, this t-shirt with the real dolls on it really brings us back to our childhood, eight-year-old us would be so mad if we didn't buy this.

Bratz License Print Cropped Sweatshirt, €22.80

To finish it off, we need to take a moment for this colour. The Bratz logo just makes it so much better, not to mention the cut.