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Bra BAGS are now a thing... and we're actually not opposed to them
For handiness sake

This will come in super handy.

We all know the drill.

Sometimes we just don't want to carry a bag, and most women's clothing have barely-there or even fake pockets... so lugging around even the smallest thing can be a hassle.

That's why many of us resort to putting stuff in our bras - our phones, keys, ATM card, money... the list goes on.

So, when we saw this little contraption at NYFW, we thought it was an ingenious idea.

Welcome, the bra bag.

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The Helmut Lang design has two zipper compartments over each cup, which look like they can hold all your essential items.


It can pretty much be worn anyway you want, as the pocket only comes out a little bit from the cup.

Yes, it may look like your boobs are jutting out of your top, but honestly, we rather that than yanking a big bag around on a night out.

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A post shared by HELMUT LANG (@helmutlang) on

Since the designer piece will probably be super pricey, we think we might wait for a dupe to come in to wear this bad boy.

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