Cabincore is the autumn fashion trend we could not be happier about embracing 2 months ago

Cabincore is the autumn fashion trend we could not be happier about embracing

Step aside, cottagecore, there is a new aesthetic in town – and it is perfect for the colder season ahead.

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you will no doubt be familiar with the cottagecore trend that swept both the world of fashion and especially interiors over the past couple of years.


The trend saw us all steer away from minimalism and embrace the romantic, English countryside-style of whimsical floral dresses and fabrics, lace, embroidery, muted earthy and pink tones and mismatched crockery. In general, cottagecore saw us all long to be baking pies that cool in the window of a storybook, ivy-clad stone cottage in the British countryside.

Now, however, cabincore is where it is at – and guys, get ready to fall in love with all the cosy, hygge, fall-feels again – because cabincore is all of these things.

What the heck is cabincore, you ask? Put simply, imagine you are going to a cosy cabin in the woods with some friends in the autumn or wintertime – and dress accordingly.

As in – plaid all the way, lots of cosy layers, chunky hiking boots, scarves, fleece coats, sweater vests and dreamy muted autumnal hues.

According to Refinery29, unlike cottagecore, which nods to an idealized farm life, cabincore draws its inspiration from the mountains and forests. It’s more rustic and so where cottagecore fashion is airy and feminine, cabincore is warm and rugged.


The aesthetic of cabincore embodies the cosy tranquility of remote living and the best bit? You can totally channel the look in both your home decor and clothing style alike.

And you don't have to look far or pay a lot to get on top of this trend either, as luck would have it.

High street stores like H&M, Penneys and Zara have tons of items that nod to the trend, from flannel shackets (shirt jackets) to knitted vests, big scarves and cord pants.


In other words, clothes that will keep you cosy, warm and ready for winter.

If dresses are your thing, short dresses layered over chunky tights, and under a knitted vest is ideal, as are longer knit dresses. Pair with chunky hiking-style boots and you are good to go.

The key, as it turns out, to dressing in line with the cabincore trend is to not overthink it – cabincore is after all an embodiment of the classic autumn style staples we already know and love.


The "I hike" aesthetic is what you are aiming for, so think about textures and focus on key textiles such as wool, tweed, and flannel – a lumberjack is literally your style icon now.

Now, who's ready for a hike?!