You can now get outfits for your dog at Zara 6 months ago

You can now get outfits for your dog at Zara

Oh, Zara, what can't you do.

Let's all be honest, Zara could sell bin bags as dresses and we'll be first in line to buy them, it's one shop nobody these days can seem to resist.


In the midst of one of their biggest sales of the year, the high street brand has revealed that they now have a range of pet wear.

Expanding their collection, you can now start twinning your outfits with your pooch.

While they say pet wear, these outfits are designed with dogs in mind and for some seriously cheap prices, your dog will be the talk of the town.

With prices starting at €7.99, it would be rude not to add some to your basket while shopping in the sales.


And it's safe to say that these are some of the cutest animal outfits and accessories we've ever seen, from mini Christmas jumpers to tiny little yellow raincoats to keep your puppy dry in this rainy season.

The raincoats come in a range of colours and the best part is that you can get a matching bucket hat to keep you dry as well - it's a win win.

On sale for only €9.99, it comes in sizes XXS to XXL, with the XXS small enough to fit a chihuahua and the XXL big enough to fit a Bernese Mountain Dog, the range caters for all types of dogs.


And on those dry but bitter cold days, why not opt for the quilted jacket that is in for humans at the moment, so why not dogs too?

But the best one has to be the three different sized bags, or "pet carriers" to really make you feel like Paris Hilton. Perfect for lapdogs, it not only allows you to carry them in comfort but also looks just like a regular handbag.

As well as the fun pet wear, Zara also offers a range of leads, nylon belt bags and harnesses for your dogs.

You can view the full collection here.