You can now get paid £300 to test out sexy lingerie 1 year ago

You can now get paid £300 to test out sexy lingerie

We've seen it all.

We've come across some very interesting and shall we say, different, jobs in our time but this one might officially top the rest.


Lingerie brand Pour Moi has opened applications for a very unusual job, their words, not ours.

The company is recruiting one lucky couple to be their Christmas Lingerie Gift Testers, meaning they get to "road-test their sexiest lingerie pieces to find the ones that will make the best presents to put underneath your lover’s Christmas tree."

So what does this job involve? The couple picked will review and recommend a selection of their lingerie sets and select the best ones to put forward in a Christmas Gift Guide for the brand.


They will also need to submit a review each tested set through a survey, giving details on why the products will, or will not, be perfect for a Christmas present.

But here's the best part, the role pays £300, or £150 per person, for the feedback, it's that simple and could cover your own Christmas shopping.

Michael Thomson, owner of Pour Moi, said: "We know that sexy lingerie is one of the most popular presents to give to that special someone at Christmas, and we want to get some feedback on our top products to find out which are the most perfect for putting under the Christmas tree.


"We’ve seen huge success with previous couple lingerie testing roles in the past, and it’s a really valuable way for us to understand how our products are used and learn if we can make any improvements – we're excited to find the Christmassy couple up for this unique role!"

To apply for the role, and you can apply from anywhere in the world, just click here. Applications close on November 5th, so you still have some time.