You can now get a swimsuit with your dog's face all over it 1 year ago

You can now get a swimsuit with your dog's face all over it

Heading away on holiday soon?

While heading away on holiday is great, many pet owners miss their furry little ones when they're away. Whether you leave them with family, friends or a kennel, it can be difficult to not see them everyday (can you tell we love our doggos?).

Well, if you're worried about missing your pup you can bring them on holiday with you - in swimsuit form.

Thanks to Yes Custom you can now buy a swimsuit absolutely covered with your pet's face and it's class.

But it doesn't have to be a dog that you get printed on it, you can get anything... like your rabbit, a parrot, a cat, whatever.

It's pretty simple to do too, all you need is to upload a good quality photo of your pet to the website, and the Yes Custom design team will cut its face and plaster it all over the swimsuit. Handy.

The website has some pretty great reviews too and customers are absolutely raving about their items. One said: "This hands down was the best custom suit EVER!

"They paid attention to the detail and were so hands on along the way with any of my questions. I was also very surprised with the fabric as well. I will order again for sure from you guys!"

We already have one in a basket. You can check the website out here.