Celebrity Style Misses From 2014 6 years ago

Celebrity Style Misses From 2014

Some celebrities get it really right and some get it really really wrong.

The underwear trend is never a good look and at this stage it’s getting a little tiresome.


Here are a few of the celebrities we think should sack their stylists.... STAT.

Katie Price

Why Katie, why? Every time she holds a book launch, she has to come up with an outfit even crazier than the last. Too much make-up, bright orange tan and we don’t know where to start when it comes to her “style”.

Katie Price Book Launch Photocall

Ariana Grande

It seems as though Ariana opts for the same outfit every time she’s on stage, short shorts and over the knee boots get very boring, very quickly. The singer has found a look she likes and is sticking to it but we really wish she would mix it up a little bit.

2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Show


Mel B

Mel took on a judging role in the X Factor this year and while some of her outfits have been stunning, there have been a few mishaps too. One questionable outfit choice was the outfit (complete with strange headgear) she wore to arrive at the MOBO awards. No, just no.

Mobo Awards 2008 - London

Jessie J

Another lady who seems to think underwear looks good as outerwear is Jessie J. We really have to wonder how she doesn’t freeze to death in some of the outfits she opts for. She loves snakeskin, slits and statement jewellery which is great apart from when she wears them all at the same time *insert monkey face emoji here*


Elle Style Awards 2014 - Inside Arrivals

 Miley Cyrus

From her infamous twerking on stage to her array of fluorescent stage outfits, we're not always on board with this singer's style. Take the photo below as an example, whatever about double denim jeans and jacket, is there really a need for a denim bra too? Please Miley, make it stop.

Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged - Fixed Show