Cheryl's bizarre thigh-boots-and-skirt combo costs a lot of money 2 years ago

Cheryl's bizarre thigh-boots-and-skirt combo costs a lot of money

Look, she's a total goddess and who are we to judge what anyone else is wearing (full disclosure: we're currently donning a hoodie and runners).

However, we're going to go out on a limb here and say that Cheryl Tweedy's latest get-up is just hands-down bizarre.

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That the skirt element costs €800 alone (designed by Balenciaga and available from in case you're tempted)... well, that's just an another level of perplexed on our parts.

The one-time Mrs Cole, mum to five-month old baby Bear, was at the star-studded BGC Charity Day in London on Monday afternoon.

As well as that skirt, she had on a graphic print tee, thigh-high checked stiletto boots, and her favourite Gucci leather belt.

The likes of Keira Knightley, Ellie Goulding, Holly Willoughby, and Mary Berry were also there to lend a hand at the event - which aims to raise funds for families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Netaporter itself describes Cheryl's Balenciaga skirt as "ripped at the side 'as if caught in a car's door'." Right so, lads.

It adds: "It has been made in Italy from soft wool-blend woven with a checked pattern. Reference the lookbook styling and pair it with the label's cult thigh-high boots - they look particularly cool peeking through the frayed slash."

And while we do currently raise an eyebrow to Cheryl's wardrobe choice-of-the-day... no doubt by Christmas we'll all also be attired in the Penneys' equivalent of her thigh-boots-and-asymmetric-skirt combo.

You heard it here first, ladies!