This €25 cosy pink cardigan from New Look will be perfect for winter weather 3 months ago

This €25 cosy pink cardigan from New Look will be perfect for winter weather

How nice is this?

Well folks, it is official - summer is over.

Not that you'd know given how gorgeous the weather is today, but still.

We're fully in the swing of October, and the autumnal season as a whole, and we're delighted.


We're actually oddly excited about the chillier weeks and months ahead.

Mainly because the fashion is so much nicer (in our opinion) during the colder months.

We have everything from cosy knits, leather boots and gorgeous coats.

However, just because it's colder, doesn't mean you can't rock a gorgeous pop of colour.

But, you may want to make sure you stay warm all the same.

new look

Which is why we love knitwear - it's a great way to include a pop of colour to an outfit, while staying cosy.

The best place to pick up some knitwear this season? New Look lads.

While scrolling through the New Look website today, we stumbled upon the most cosy cardigan ever.

The Pale Pink Knit Patch Pocket Cardigan is your next purchase, and ladies, it's a great price.

And not only does it come in pink - you can also get it in cream and grey.

It's described on site as:

"Make this pink pocket cardigan a must on chilly days. Team with a cami, floral midi and boots for a chic daytime look."

Did we mention that it only costs €24.99? How amazing is that!

The cardigan is available in a size S, M and L - but it's selling fast, so if you want one, be quick!