#CuratedWithCassie: Sustainable Fashion Dublin's advice on using your time at home to begin a sustainable style journey 3 months ago

#CuratedWithCassie: Sustainable Fashion Dublin's advice on using your time at home to begin a sustainable style journey

Did you know that you can use your time at home to help save the planet?

The Coronavirus crisis has understandably distracted us all somewhat, but the long-term of threat of climate change is still a huge challenge for our planet. If there are any silver linings to be take from the current crisis, it's that by staying at home we're causing less destructive pollution.

The latest episode of Curated With Cassie – dedicated entirely to sustainable style – was filmed before the current social distancing advice was in place. Happily, I now have the time to put some of the tips that I was given into practice.

I met up with Geraldine Carton and Taz Kelleher, the two ladies behind Sustainable Fashion Dublin. They showed me around their offices which are located in the Tara Buildings in Dublin, and shared some top tips for first timers like me on how to live a more environmentally friendly life. Interestingly, the pair were keen to stress that they LOVE clothes – embracing a sustainable fashion ethos does not mean giving up shopping or sacrificing your love of style.

Sustainable fashion is a term that you hear frequently these days, but can also be a bit intimidating when you don't know what to be doing. Geraldine and Taz gave me all the tips from how to start, how much money it saves you and how to get creative with sustainability.

The very first thing that you can do is empty your wardrobe out onto your bed and take stock of what you already own.

My favourite tip has to be the sewing: Geraldine showed me a jumper which she had hand sewn hearts in to to cover up holes and it's something I am planning to try out while I'm at home in the next few weeks.

Watch the full episode above or here.

I also spent time with model Thalia Heffenan, who walked me through her vegan beauty regime and shared the beauty products that she uses, including some of her Irish favourites.

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