These €11 anti-chafing bands from Amazon are here to save your summer 2 years ago

These €11 anti-chafing bands from Amazon are here to save your summer

"Soft, light and breathable, and suitable for any age, shape or fitness."

Oh, how we love summer. The sunshine, the heat, the summer dresses – bring it on.


The one thing we don't love, however? Thigh chafing. Not only can it be irritating to the extent that we avoid wearing the clothing we most want to, but it can also, to many, be seriously painful.

The irritated, burning red thighs where skin meets skin can be a real problem when the weather heats up and we want to dress in skirts or dresses to keep cool.

Many have tried products such as creams or baby powder, only to found it not helping much at all, and actually just turning into a sticky mess after a short while.

However, don't give up on your favourite summer frocks just yet – it seems Amazon might just have the answer to our prayers.


These simple thigh bands are only €11, and are selling like hotcakes, the online retailer reports.

"I used this product to stop chafing. Worked perfectly and fitted great. Brilliant produce," one happy fan wrote. 

"Great for summer dresses," says another one. 


Others used the bands when working out, and were delighted with the result.

"Perfect for anti-chaffing when exercising."


The bands come in four different shades, light beige, dark beige, white and black, meaning you can have one that suit whatever outfit you are rocking this summer season.