The €13 Zara top that comes in four colours will become the most-worn item in your wardrobe 9 months ago

The €13 Zara top that comes in four colours will become the most-worn item in your wardrobe

Zara can always be relied on for style staples.

While the Spanish brand delivers from a fashion trend point of view, it's also great when it comes to shopping for basic tops and trousers.


Note this cami top which comes in four colours.

The Satin Camisole Top is priced at €12.95 and you can choose from statement purple, deep crimson, go-to black and a gorgeous neutral shade.

You will literally wear this with everything, I've found that a cami top has become my most-worn purchase to date.

Wear it with jeans and heels, check.

Tuck into a slip skirt and add some barely-there sandals, a stunning yet easy to style ensemble.

When we finally see summer, pop this on with culottes and a pair of espadrilles. It would also be fab with leather shorts and or a skirt plus we could see it with pleated midi skirts too.


That's five outfits for the price of one and it definitely qualifies as value for money.

The black and beige shades are best in terms of versatility but if you adore bright colours, the red and purple will appeal.

Either way, this is a basic piece you'll wear on repeat and it's a timeless classic too so you can wear it season after season.

In terms of style staples, we have to mention these Paperbag Trousers.


Also from Zara, you can choose from three shades, all of which are fully stocked at the time of writing.

They're super stylish but easy to wear, and a lot more comfortable than jeans, which is a major advantage. With staying at home, we want to be as cosy as possible and denim just doesn't cut it when it comes to comfort.

They come in khaki, navy and a totally impractical but absolutely fabulous cream colour.