This €20 Penneys co-ord is the cutest thing you'll wear all summer 3 years ago

This €20 Penneys co-ord is the cutest thing you'll wear all summer

A bargain for only 20 quid.

The sun is shining and our hearts are happy now that we can walk around without 50 layers of clothing on.


Out comes the (fake) tanned legs, and we can finally say goodbye to woolly jumpers. And we all know that when the weather changes, we have to do a little shop to update our wardrobes for the warmer weather.

Linen Stripe Co-ord Tshirt

We spotted this gorgeous co-ord on the Penneys website, and it'll definitely stay with you all season long.

With the top coming in at €9 and the shorts coming in at €11, you really can't go wrong with the bargain prices.

Linen Stripe Co-ord Short

And the fact that you can wear them separately brings us joy as well. Pop the top on with a pair of jeans and white sandals for a casual office, or dress the shorts up with a *nice top* and heels for a night out with the girls.

If you really want to go all out with the summer vibes, this dress is also a total bargain.


It's such a pretty floral print plus there's the fact that midi-length skirts and dresses are absolutely everywhere this season...we absolutely have to snap it up.

Given the fact that it's only €16, it will sell out as soon as it arrives in store and so, I think it's only fair that our Her readers have a heads up about this rather fab dress.