The €40 H&M jacket that is the perfect light cover-up for the warmer weather 5 years ago

The €40 H&M jacket that is the perfect light cover-up for the warmer weather

And it's bang on trend too.

This week is the first of many - the first time we've seen temperatures get over 15 degrees in a long while, the first time we've had to shave above the ankle so far this year AND the first time we've been leaving our windows open for longer than an hour at a time.


With the warmer weather, however, comes a couple of problems that every year we struggle to overcome, namely, trying to figure out what the hell we are supposed to wear?

It's not hot enough for sandals and no jackets, but it's too hot for boots and our winter coats. So where's the middle ground?

Well, we think we've found a great piece for our summer wardrobes in this H&M jacket.


We've seen corduroy appear again and again across catwalks and fashion editorial campaigns in recent months, however, we had yet to find a piece we thought would suit our style - until now.

This pink corduroy jacket is not only ticking multiple trend boxes - colour blocking, corduroy, slight distressing - it's also the perfect light cover-up as the weather starts to get warmer.

Layer it over your favourite slogan t-shirt for during the day or throw it over a light knit for those cooler nights.


The jacket is on sale in H&M for €39.99 from sizes 6 to 20.

It's currently out of stock online but we have spotted it in a number of stores around Dublin, so keep your eyes peeled to get your hands on this gem.