These €50 Zara sandals will complement your entire summer wardrobe 5 years ago

These €50 Zara sandals will complement your entire summer wardrobe

The sun is here!

And as a result, our creative juices are in slight overdrive as we take to Pinterest planning and creating every outfit to wear this summer now that we can finally show off a little arm and leg without bleedin' freezin' to death.


And since we are all about versatility and spending our bucks on pieces that can be worn again and again, we are all for these glam yet versatile sliders from Zara.

For €49.95, these sliders are slightly more expensive than your usual pair from the high street store however, we are doing the maths and since they are so versatile and will go with essentially everything, if you wear them at least 20 times over the entire summer, that works out at €2.50 a wear which is cheaper than any you'll get in any other store and way prettier too! Success.


You can purchase the sandals online here.

Looking to stock up on some gorgeous shoes this summer? Well we've been scouting and these four pairs are calling your name. All we need to do now is book a flight ASAP and grab our summer dresses.

River Island - €43.00


Mango - €49.95

Topshop - €68


H&M - €22.99

Happy shopping!