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These €70 M&S boots look like they're from a high end designer
OMG to die for

We've found the boots of the season.

While velvet is again huge this year, and block heels are making a major comeback, we can't help but adore these blue satin heels from M&S.

With the bright colour and bow detail, they certainly don't look like they're off the high street and are giving us serious Louis Vuitton vibes.

How GORGE are they?

And even better than being stylish, it being comfy, because these boots have a sole that redistributes your weight away from the balls of your feet which reduces pressure.

They will also increase ankle stability which means you can wear your heels comfortably all day (and all night) long.

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The boots also come in black, but we're loving the blue hue to jazz things up a bit.


You can buy them here on the M&S website, or in stores nationwide.

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