These earrings sold for $57.4m - and honestly, they're kind of 'meh' 4 years ago

These earrings sold for $57.4m - and honestly, they're kind of 'meh'

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say.

But you'd want to be seeing some serious beauty to part with close to $60 million for something.


This mismatched pair of coloured diamond earrings became the most expensive earrings ever when they fetched a record $57.4 million (€51.2 million) at auction this week.



They were sold separately but bought by the same anonymous buyer at Sotheby’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale, reports Forbes.

The 14.54-carat Apollo blue went for $42.08 million, while the 16-carat Artemis Pink sold for more than $15.3 million.

The diamonds' colours played a part in their extortionate price - fewer than 3 per cent of all diamonds are classified as coloured diamonds, apparently.


Now, call us peasants (we wouldn't be decked out in diamonds every night of the week), but for the price of a private island or several mansions, you'd think you'd get something a little more wearable.

Like, where would you be going with two odd-coloured earrings? Getting an outfit to go with both pink and blue would be a nightmare.

We'll stick to the hoops for now.