Get EXCITED! Your favourite jewellery  brand is about to launch in Arnotts 3 years ago

Get EXCITED! Your favourite jewellery brand is about to launch in Arnotts

This is sensational news.

Arnotts is set to unveil a brand new addition to their gorge Jewellery Hall this week.


Loulerie will arrive to the department store this Wednesday, and we're excited.

Oh, and it gets better.

To celebrate the launch, Louise Stokes, founder of Loulerie, has designed a unique 9k gold initial collection.

Honestly now, the collection is stunning.

Roisin Lafferty of Kingston Lafferty Design has designed a state of the art boutique to house the brand in-store.


The boutique will offer a carefully curated selection of worldwide designers such as Mignonne Gavigan, Lulu Frost and Alexis Bittar along with the signature Loulerie Fine Jewellery collection.

Loulerie’s passion for high quality jewellery is reflected in each hand selected piece.

Louise paved her way as an intern during fashion week season with world-renowned jewellery designer Alexis Bittar in New York.


Louise gained a fresh insight into the high calibre requirements of clients such as Helzberg Diamonds and Bloomingdales.

Upon returning to Ireland, Louise opened Loulerie in 2007 bringing her unique aesthetic to a new audience.


Regularly seen across editorial pages, Loulerie has a legion of celebrity fans such as Ingrid Hoey, Pippa O Connor, Lottie Ryan and Mairead Farrell.

We seriously can't wait to see the collection shining bright in Arnotts!