Go, go, go! This Mango jacket has been reduced by €70 in the summer sale 3 years ago

Go, go, go! This Mango jacket has been reduced by €70 in the summer sale

What are you waiting for?

Summer sale season is in full swing and there are some amazing bargains available if you're in the mood for a spot of shopping.


Although sale purchases can go extremely wrong if you're lured by the massive discount and not the actual piece itself, you can find the odd gem.

The latest one we've come across is a Mango leather biker jacket from Mango which has been reduced by €70, originally €149.99, which we think you'll agree is a fairly impressive reduction.

In comparison to many of the seasonal bargains currently on sale, this item will never ever go out of fashion and you can style a leather jacket with pretty much everything.

Another added bonus is the fact that they tend to look better the more you wear them so it's a winner on all fronts, tbh.

The good news is it's available in all sizes right now but once people get wind of this bargain, it won't hang around for very long.


This is the type of jacket everyone will be asking you about and it's always fab to be able to say you got it for practically half-price.

It's 100 percent leather too which you'll either love or hate and this isn't the only bargain available either as you'll see once you check out the sale section.