Goodbye glue.. its all about magnetic false eyelashes 5 years ago

Goodbye glue.. its all about magnetic false eyelashes

Clumpy glue and non-sticky ends, false eyelashes can be an utter disaster. 

So you can imagine our surprise when we heard about a new alternative that doesn't involve glue or even a steady hand.


Introducing magnetic eyelashes, created by American beauty brand One Two Cosmetics. The lash extensions are designed with magnetic strips so they glide onto the top lash line delivering quick and easy dramatic eyes.

According to their creator, beauty entrepreneur Katy Stoka, One Two lashes are extremely durable "and will not budge until you wish to take them off."

Since their debut the lashes have been snapped up and tested by many of the worlds biggest beauty and fashion bloggers.


Still unsure? Check out Safiya Nygaard who tested the falsies on her Youtube channel. Since she posted the  video, it went viral with over 2.5 million views.

She found the lashes to be "super comfortable and lasted well throughout the day" however Safiya along with many other users found that when it comes to application, practice makes perfect with some spending 35 minutes trying to apply them on first go.

Another downside, the lashes do cost a pretty penny and at $69 a pop, they are not cheap but the reusability factor could make them a real winner.


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