Heeled Crocs are here to completely ruin your Wednesday 2 months ago

Heeled Crocs are here to completely ruin your Wednesday


The fashion industry is weird.

And while there are a lot of unusual trends (looking at you Balenciaga), I can usually deal.


This morning I discovered that heeled Crocs exist, and I'm not okay.

Now listen, this is not Croc-bashing hour.

I appreciate the merit behind them: comfortable, breathable shoes.

However, the heels are violent. Pure and simple.

The heels, named the Crocs Cyprus V Heel, are currently sold out on the Crocs website.



heeled crocs

I'm obviously not on the right side of this argument - defeat accepted.

In fairness to the people at Crocs, they have managed to make their brand somewhat trendy.

Prince Geroge wears them - and he is our generation's biggest fashionista.

Other fans include Jared Leto, Drew Barrymore and Shia LeBouef.

And as comfortable as these shoes might be... I absolutely could NOT do it to myself.

If you need me, I'll be wearing my Birkenstocks.