Her Trending - What's Hot And What's Really Not 7 years ago

Her Trending - What's Hot And What's Really Not

Trends change as quickly as Irish weather (and that's a lot) so this new weekly feature is all about what's in and what's on the way out.

Team Her talk style, beauty, life hacks, topical subjects, urban dictionary additions and pretty much anything that's trending.


This is what we're chatting about this week.


Chupi's AW collection

If you're not yet familiar with Chupi, then you're going to both love and hate us in equal measures. Love because her jewellery is oh so gorgeous and hate because well, your bank balance may suffer as you can't stick to just one piece.


From delicate chains and bracelets to stunning statement rings, her autumn winter collection could well be her best yet.

Fellow magpies, you have been warned.

Hippenings Hippenings is a website dedicated to pretty things: balloons that carry messages, colourful organisers and basically, all of your Pinterest dreams brought to life. 


It's the brainchild of Laura Cunningham, editor of Confetti magazine, and seeing as stock is selling out fast, you could say it's a runaway success.



Hair Mare

For years, we thought that blowdrying your hair causes more damage than allowing it to airdry, due to the heat from a hairdryer.

However, according to recent research published in The Annals of Dermatology, allowing your hair to hair dry can weaken it over time causing breakage while also restricting growth.

For more, have a look at this.




Winter is Coming

It's now dark at 8:30 and we're really not okay with that. Days are shorter and nights are longer and we finally have to face the fact that summer 2015 is over*

*not that Ireland had much of a summer but you know what we mean...

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