Here's the top engagement ring trend for 2019 and we're not one bit surprised 1 year ago

Here's the top engagement ring trend for 2019 and we're not one bit surprised

The top engagement ring trend from 2019.

Christmas is always a popular time of year for proposals and this festive season is likely to see its fair share of "I said yes" moments.


That gets us to wondering what might be the top engagement ring trend for 2019 and of course, this is a question that only a jewellery expert can answer.

It turns out that classic cuts really do stand the test of time and this year, the round cut brilliant solitaire has been one of the top sellers.

A plain gold, platinum or white gold is a timeless choice but from time to time, diamond bands or vintage surrounds are requested.

To find out more, we reached out to Boodles to request some information on what type of diamonds/surrounds/styles have been trending this year.

Sophia Styles, assistant manager at the Grafton Street store, had some significant information to impart so listen up, sparkle lovers!engagement ring trend

"We most frequently sell classic designs, a round brilliant cut solitaire is perpetually popular, on occasions with a diamond set band or perhaps a vintage surround. At Boodles, our Ashoka cut is a favourite and a point of difference.

We so often meet couples who are looking for something different and yet they want to maintain a timeless aesthetic, in this instance, Ashoka really comes into it's own. Boodles are the only jeweller in the UK and Ireland to sell Ashoka and so this beautiful cut with its 62 scissor cut facets is incredibly sparkly, elegant in rectangular form and rare".

62 scissor cut facets, now that's what you call maximum sparkle.


Having asked Sophia what makes a classic choice and what engagement ring style stands the test of time, she explained that it's all in the diamond itself.

Quality should be the top priority and a clean white diamond is as elegant as you'll get.

engagement ring trend

"For us at Boodles, the quality of the diamond is just as important as the design of the ring and so a classic choice will always be a beautifully cut, clean, white diamond. This is truly timeless".

That said, an engagement ring is a truly personal choice and what's right for you won't be to someone else's taste so remember that if/when it comes to making a decision.