Jennifer Lawrence just wore a gorgeous dress on the red carpet 4 years ago

Jennifer Lawrence just wore a gorgeous dress on the red carpet


Jennifer Lawrence attended the premiere of her upcoming film Red Sparrow this evening and we're in love with her dress.


The popular actress wore a sparkling metallic gown and although the designer hasn't yet been revealed, the piece speaks for itself.

Jennifer was pictured alongside Joel Edgerton, her co-star in the American spy film which has just been released.

This is her second night in London as the American Hustle star attended the BAFTAs last night where she was criticised for her reply to a comment made by Joanna Lumley.


Joanna welcomed Jennifer on stage, saying that she was 'ravishing" and "the hottest actress on the planet" to which Jennifer replied, "Hi, that was a bit much but thank you, Joanna".

The popular opinion was that Jennifer's reply was a bit harsh with some even describing her comment as "rude".

Recently, Jennifer made headlines for another reason when she announced that she'll be taking a year-long break from acting in order to focus on activism.


Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she explained:

"I’m going to be working with this organisation as a part of Represent.Us… trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level.

"It’s just anti-corruption, and stuff trying to pass state by state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy".